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We are in progress in developing and operating a residential type resort hotel which beautifully embodies perfect Japanese and Western harmonization while utilizing the potentially huge natural environment of Palau. We are dedicated in providing top quality services which is accommodated by multilingual services in English, Palauan and Japanese languages as the main languages and refined cuisine made from diverse food ingredients, accompanied by an abundance of activities and etc. all based on the “Omotenashi” spirit =Japanese-style hospitality deriving from “Wa” from the Japanese four-character idiom, “Wayosechyu” : the harmonization of Japanese and Western cultures. We will create an open and friendly environment which can quickly meet our customer’s need.

OUR MISSION: We will strive to tell to the world about this beautiful country "Palau", one of the last paradises on Earth, create and promote employment opportunities and produce new economic effects to enhance its economy.


Hidemichi Taknashi

About 4 years from now, I met a beautiful country that had changed my life. It all started when I visited to this beautiful country with my colleagues on an observation tour. It took me little time to realize that there was nothing in this country; the domestic population is only about twenty thousand people and even if you go to the city center, there are only a few shops here and there with about 60% as Souvenir shops. Obviously, there are no signal lights in this small city. Local people are easygoing, but you can’t exchange money and it’s difficult to connect to your mobile phones: The reception is just terrible. I stayed for 4 days, but during that time I was hardly linked up with Japan so I was unable to do business as I would normally do. I even couldn’t enjoy watching images on the net at that time. Bottom-line is I felt that there was nothing on this island. . .

However, what jumped into my eyes was the beautifu l and spectacular nature scene which I have never seen before. The mangrove naturally spreads out into the shallow water, and when you take a dive in the ocean, there is beautiful coral and colorful marine life to observe and play with. Above all, there was precious time to forget about everyday life and time to face straight to myself. This extraordinary experience was the first ever since I became an adult. There was nothing, but pure precious time to face each other and talk with friends. No assertions at all, just the beauty of nature and myself were there, nothing else…It was shocking but a sensational experience.I also felt the high potential in which this beautiful country "The Republic of Palau" had. This country is a place where anyone can visit with ease and where you can leave wonderful memories of a lifetime. Although it is a beautiful country where various appeals and promotions can be made out to the world, there are too few facilities to accept the many people who would be willing to travel and visit to. I truly believe there are many things which needs to be done, but most importantly and necessarily is to let people worldwide know about this wonderful country. To start with, I believe a "World-class prestigious facility" is necessary. With this project to begin with, we are striving with many hopes of wanting to support this country by making it a world-class premier country! I hope everyone shares their time with us in this beautiful country deeply related to Japan.


We will appriciate this very much.